Easiest Way to Cook Perfect Watermelon pizza/ fruit pizza

Watermelon pizza/ fruit pizza. This watermelon pizza will quench your thirst, is loaded with electrolytes, has some added protein from the yogurt, and topped with vitamin-rich fruit. Serve this watermelon pizza at your next picnic, or serve it up for a healthy dessert. Cheesecake Watermelon Pizza is a fruity, healthy dessert with just the right amount of indulgence.

This Watermelon Pizza Recipe from GoodHousekeeping.com is the best. It's not delivery, it's fruit pizza! With a creamy honey-ricotta topping and plenty of fresh berries, it's the sweetest no-bake dessert for summertime. You can have Watermelon pizza/ fruit pizza using 10 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Watermelon pizza/ fruit pizza

  1. It’s of Watermelon cut in a circle.
  2. Prepare of Yogurt or fruit dip or cool whipped topping.
  3. It’s of Blueberries.
  4. Prepare of Strawberries.
  5. Prepare of Grapes.
  6. It’s of Oranges.
  7. Prepare of Apples.
  8. Prepare of Bananas.
  9. It’s of Feta cheese optional.
  10. You need of Granola optional.

This watermelon pizza is one of my favorite summertime dessert for picnics and barbecues. It's healthy, easy to make and customize, and so fun for a crowd. Don't worry, it's not like a pineapple pizza, where you put the fruit on pizza. This refreshing fruit dessert pizza recipe swaps classic cookie crust with a healthier watermelon crust.

Watermelon pizza/ fruit pizza instructions

  1. Cut a good medium size circle out of the watermelon.
  2. Add yogurt or fruit dip or whipped topping or leave as is. (this will obviously hold the fruit on).
  3. Add any fruit of choice, when using bananas and apples remember to serve right away so they don’t brown up on you..
  4. Top with feta cheese or granola.
  5. Notes – Check out this delicious recipe https://cookpad.com/us/recipes/6341747-strawberry-fruit-dip–mycookbook?invite_token=PMob6rkeVGhNZ9fig84hDmYX.
  6. For picky eaters no watermelon.

Topped with yogurt sauce, your favorite berries and mint, this fresh dessert can easily be doubled for a party or halved for every day. Want a refreshing dish that's easy to make and will leave you feeling healthy and revitalized? This Watermelon Fruit Pizza Cake is the perfect dessert for her and for anyone else who is staying away from gluten or heavy desserts. A fruit pizza is typically made with a sugar cookie crust. We are ditching the cookie and using a thick round piece of fresh watermelon.

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